Shout Out to SelfPubBookCovers!

I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to SelfPubBookCovers ! I love writing, but I must admit, I’m not a book cover artist. I often second guess my choices when I try to put together a cover in my mind. There are some sites out there that will provide tools if you feel confident enough to make your own book cover, such as Canva, Do It Yourself , and Diggypod. But if you’re looking to work with an artist who will charge you a reasonable price, and give you advice and assistance with the final product, I recommend SelfPubBookCovers .

Their rates start at $69.00 and they guarantee the uniqueness of your cover design. They have over 300 artists and 25,000 covers to peruse. My cover art was produced by Fantasia. Fantasia gave very good advice on fonts and positioning. I was very happy with the way my book, “2042: An American 1984” turned out. Thank you Fantasia and SelfPubBookCovers!


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