Justified- Formatting in Word 2016

Welcome back! Today I’m going to talk a little bit about alignment in Word 2016. You can find the alignment keys in the paragraph section of the toolbar, located here. The corner arrow in the lower right of the paragraph section of the toolbar will pull up another menu, but I will go over that in a bit.

Paragraph corner

On the second row, from left to right, are a series of lines. Each symbol stands for a type of alignment. The first one aligns the text to the left. Left align is typically the default alignment in Word 2016. Next is Center align. It aligns the text in the center of the page. Following that is- you guessed it!- Right align. And last but certainly not least, my favorite: Justified.

Justified text falls flush with both margins of the page. In a print or e-book, this gives the text a crisp, clean look that keeps the reader’s attention focused on your work, not on jumping around the page to follow the alignment of the text.


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