View Functions in Word 2016

On the View tab in Word 2016, the three left buttons give you different viewing capabilities. Read Mode is for when you just want to read your document without editing it.

Start Read Mode Button

After pressing Read Mode, your page’s toolbar disappears like so, but don’t panic:

Read Mode

See those buttons at the bottom right? They represent the three modes and clicking them will take you to that mode. Also, you can zoom in and out of your document in Read Mode here.

The button on the top right, first on the left, will hide the bar it’s on too!

This is how your document looks in Web Layout Mode and how it would look as a published web page:

Web Layout.png

The Outline feature bullets paragraphs and lines. This view is useful for adding headings and moving around entire paragraphs within the document:

Outline View.png

The Red X top right gets you out of Outline View. You can choose to view pages vertically or side to side like so:

Side to Side View.png

And add a ruler at the top by checking the ruler box should you want to see margins and available page space.

Ruler Vert View

Can’t remember where you introduced Velma Vavavoom into the story? Check mark the Navigation box. A pane will appear to the left hand side of the document. Type what you’re looking for in the search box and it will highlight every instance.


Default is One Page view, but you can look at multiple pages, or make the page you’re working on seem larger and closer.

Multiple Pages

Wide Page View

If you have multiple windows of your document open at once, you can use the Arrange Screen feature to see them at the same time. I find this useful for working in a series. If I am working on book two, I can keep book one open and reference what I need to in order to ensure I remain consistent.

Stack Open Windows

And if you want to split the document into two and view them at the same time, you can use the Split Window feature. This is useful if you want to compare a rewritten paragraph to the original to decide which you want to keep.

Split Window View

Best of luck and I hope you’ve found this helpful!



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