Watching You by J.A. Schneider

Watching You
High Stakes Thriller!

Watching You by J.A. Schneider, 281 pages, RGS Media, April 25th 2017, Genre: Psychological Thriller/Suspense, ISBN: 1544767927. Warning: May Contain Spoilers.

by Leigh Holland

“WATCHING YOU” says the text message each victim receives before their untimely demise. At first, it’s a mystery how the killer is choosing and tracking his prey. However, in this age of free-flowing information and cell phones, it’s much easier to stalk people than we like to think it is. A feeling of dread turns by degrees into horror as we realize how easy and plausible the killer’s methods are. Horror turns to panic as the reader realizes how difficult it would be to stop such a killer.  In this third installment of the Kerri Blasco series, J.A. Schneider takes us on a trip of terror we’re not likely to soon forget.

The first victim, Leda Winfield, was a treasure to society, a lovely young woman who volunteered at the local shelter, helping the homeless. She was coldly executed with a single shot to the back of the head, a note that says “Watching You” pinned into her back with a hatpin. Nearby, the cops discover the victim’s cell phone, with a message from a few days prior showing the same words as in the note. As the detectives interview family and friends, they discover that there were plenty of people who may have had reasons to kill Leda. The stakes increase as another unrelated victim is discovered. When our heroine, Kerri Blasco, becomes the next target, the cat and mouse game has the highest stakes of them all. The story turns into a race against time as they seek the killer’s identity before he or she can take Kerri’s life.

In this phenomenal third book of the series, we learn more about Kerri’s background and gain valuable insight into her character. The relationship between Kerri and Alex Brand, her boss and lover, deepens and intensifies. Kerri considers where the relationship is heading and how that may impact her career. This decision is not made by the end of the book, but it’s something Kerri won’t be able to put off forever. The characters presented in the book were believable and interesting. Most fascinating of all, J.A. Schneider allows us inside the terrifying mind of the killer as he stalks his victims.

The plot is woven ingeniously. Usually I have figured out the mystery by the time the answer is revealed, but in this amazing new book, I was stumped. It delighted me that I never saw it coming. Fast paced, heart pounding, and riveting, don’t miss out on this gripping psychological thriller. I deeply enjoyed reading Watching You. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves crime, mystery, or psychological thriller novels.

This book may be purchased at Amazon Watching You.



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