The Saint Jude Rules by Dominic Adler

The Saint Jude Rules
Never a Dull Moment!

The Saint Jude Rules (Cal Winter Book 3) by Dominic Adler, 248 pages, Thistle Publishing, May 4th, 2017, Genre: Military Technothriller. Warning: May contain spoilers.

by Leigh Holland

The Saint Jude Rules is the third book in the Cal Winter series. It can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the series. The first two books are The Ninth Circle and The Devil’s Work. Welcome to a hidden world of coldly practical mercenaries, where killing a few people after brunch and framing someone else for the crime is a typical Tuesday.

Cal Winter was blackmailed in 2007 into being an ICEPICK, or hired killer, for The Firm. The deal was supposed to be simple: Cal would kill on command and when his time was up, he’d retire with a fat wad of cash. Instead, The Firm tried to kill him. Cal is out to take The Firm down for good. Having received an envelope filled with intel to help him do just that, Cal and his best friend Oz visit a few old friends in search of answers. The Firm was awful before; it’s morphed into something far, far worse. Cal and the rest of The Firm’s cast-offs team up against elite information warfare specialists in a battle to avert World War Three.

There are plenty of things to dislike about Cal Winter. He’s a junkie, a mercenary murderer, a brute with a savage inside. Even so, Cal has vowed to try to be a better man. His redeeming qualities shine through in this installment of the series. His love for Juliet and his desire to protect her, his loyalty to his friend Oz, his ability to show mercy where possible, and his desire to improve himself conspire to make us like Cal even when we think we shouldn’t. In a world of bad guys, Cal Winter is a bad guy worth rooting for.

Fast-paced and action-oriented, there was never a dull moment. Written in a straightforward, first person, hard-boiled style, Dominic Adler takes us on an exciting espionage adventure spanning Iceland, London, and the marshes of the southern coast. The Saint Jude Rules combines old-fashioned blood-soaked violence with intellectual cyberwarfare. Adler’s knowledge of military and cyberwar terminology and capabilities is impressive. I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Military Thrillers, espionage, or cyberwarfare themed books.

You can find The Saint Jude Rules at The Saint Jude Rules and Thistle Publishing.


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