30 Motives for Murder

30 Motives for Murder

“Because some people just plain need killin’.”

                                             -Dad, explaining why he thought our annoying neighbor should meet a foul end. Not by his hands, of course.

  1. It’s all about the Benjamins.
  2. A robbery or rape spirals out of control and results in the victim’s tragic death.
  3. The victim physically or verbally abused the murderer in life.
  4. The spouse wants the marriage to end, but not with a costly divorce.
  5. A brutal bar fight ensues, leaving a victim dead. But was it an accident?
  6. A man’s mistress is pregnant. He kills the mistress to avoid the wife divorcing him and taking what she was promised in the prenuptial agreement.
  7. A man’s mistress is pregnant. She kills his wife so he can be free to marry her instead.
  8. A politician’s rival is coming out ahead in the polls. He’s threatening to go public with damaging evidence which will finish him off on election day.
  9. In a case of tragic mistaken identity, the hitman kills the target’s identical twin by mistake.
  10. A nurse feels she is alleviating the suffering of the sick and elderly when she takes their lives at the hospital.
  11. Angie stole Diana’s man. Diana killed Angie. Diana might very well kill her old boyfriend too.
  12. The victim may have seemed like a saint to everyone, but he raped the killer’s sister, causing her to commit suicide.
  13. A drug deal goes incredibly wrong.
  14. The killer is a crusader and kills his targets to make the world “a better place”.
  15. To eat his liver with fava beans.
  16. Killing makes the murderer feel powerful. He becomes addicted to the rush.
  17. He seeks his fifteen minutes of fame as a mass murderer.
  18. The killer poisons those he loves to get sympathy for his loss.
  19. The killer frames someone close to the target. Two for the price of one.
  20. Every year Ethel wins the best pie competition. She’s not worthy. Someone must set things right.
  21. He no longer wanted to be down with the gang. They didn’t agree.
  22. Roxanne didn’t have to turn on the red light, but she did it anyway, and her new beau didn’t much like that.
  23. Blackmailed into being a hitman for the government, the killer never enjoyed his job, but he is good at it.
  24. An exorcism goes horribly wrong.
  25. The aliens eat people. They’d like to have you for dinner.
  26. Five years ago, her rival humiliated her. Now, she will have her vengeance.
  27. A zombie ate his brain. Now the victim no longer has trouble deciding what’s for dinner.
  28. He was embezzling from her charity and she was about to find out the truth.
  29. The engagement was off, but she wouldn’t give him the diamond ring back. He’d mortgaged his house for that obnoxious ring.
  30. A mother-in-law, desperate to save her daughter and grandchild from her abusive, psychopath son-in-law, plans the perfect crime.

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