A Merchant in Oria by David Wiley

a merchant in oria
Humorous Fantasy!

A Merchant in Oria by David Wiley, 42 pages, OWS Ink, LLC, April 27th, 2017, Genre: Fantasy/Short Reads/Epic. Warning: May Contain Spoilers.

by Leigh Holland
A Merchant in Oria is a novella set in a fantasy world populated by humans, dwarves, and lizard-men. It has the feel of a familiar, traditional fantasy setting, as found in Tolkein’s work. However, this story is more humorous and light-hearted.
Firion dreams of getting his first big contract as a merchant. Although his family warns him not to head to Oria, he is certain this is where he will find his fortune and establish himself as a great merchant. He travels there alone with his goods, satchel full of samples, and his horse and wagon. Upon his arrival, things seem out of sorts. Something is rotten in the state of Oria. Firion just can’t seem to put his finger on what it is. Meeting up with the lizard-man Salazar, the ‘new’ leader of the Dwarven merchant guild, Firion makes the contract of a lifetime and hauls home gobs of gold marks. However, Firion discovers what’s so wrong in Oria, and is pressed to return and meet an epic destiny.
My favorite character was Firion. He was naïve, good-natured, hilarious, sympathetic, and charmingly simple. Melody, the female dwarf, was a cute, well-shaved Dwarven female love interest for Firion. The themes were good versus evil and freedom from oppression. The plot was well-constructed and pacing steady.
I enjoyed reading this book. It is a short read; I read it over lunch. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy stories looking for a quick read.
You can find it at A Merchant In Oria.


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