25 Quirks to Add Spice to Your Characters

25 quirks

25 Quirks to Add Spice to Your Characters

  1. She grinds her teeth when she is nervous or hungry.
  2. His closet is filled with identical shirts and pants, perfectly pressed and lint free.
  3. She can’t sleep away from her own bed.
  4. He has a job where he flies frequently and clenches his fists the whole way due to fear.
  5. She shares quotes from her favorite feminists of history.
  6. He wears his headphones constantly, and never puts his phone down.
  7. She can always predict the weather, the next line in a movie or TV show, when the phone is about to ring. Not useful, but very quirky.
  8. He meditates and refuses to eat meat. He’s not religious at all.
  9. She wakes up at 5:30 every morning, with or without an alarm, and starts her elaborate morning routine.
  10. He still sleeps with Mr. Snuggles, his teddy bear.
  11. She sneezes so loud it scares people.
  12. He talks in his sleep…and it’s the only time he is psychic.
  13. She talks to inanimate objects, naming them and treating them like people. She even answers for them.
  14. He can’t parallel park to save his soul.
  15. She falls asleep standing up and in bed, but never when sitting.
  16. He chews on the tip of a toothpick at all times.
  17. She passes out at the sight of blood.
  18. He apologizes when he’s done nothing wrong. He won “Most Agreeable” in his village for the past three years.
  19. She plans all of her outfits and meals for the week on Sunday night. She is a habitual list maker and organizer.
  20. He falls in love with a new woman every week.
  21. She drinks straight from the milk carton.
  22. He was born with a brain injury that causes him to have no filters before he speaks.
  23. She gives odd and incomprehensible thank you gifts at the drop of a hat, but also gives amazing cards.
  24. He is always late and has no sense of direction or time.
  25. She suffers from an anxiety disorder, so the brilliant detective pretends to be the note-taking, quiet, shy assistant to her over confident best friend who pretends to be the brilliant detective.

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