100 Words Similar to Said

*Roughly* 100 Words Similar to Said

Acknowledged, added, admitted, admonished, affected, agreed, allowed, amplified, announced, answered, apologized, articulated, asked, assured, avowed, backpedaled, barked, began, begged, bellowed, blathered, bleated, boasted, burst out, cackled, cajoled, calculated, called out, chanted, chastised, chattered, cheered, chimed in, chirped, choked out, chuckled, clarified, coaxed, commanded, commented, complained, complemented, concluded, concurred, confided, confirmed, contemplated, contended, continued, conversed, conveyed, corrected, cooed, cursed, claimed, declared, denied, demanded, dictated, digressed, disagreed, disclosed, echoed, elucidated, embellished, emphasized, emoted, ended, enlightened, enunciated, eluded, exclaimed, explained, exaggerated, expounded, expressed, exuded, exulted, fabricated, fibbed, finished, fired back, flattered, flirted, flung, foreshadowed, forewarned, formulated, fumed, gasped, giggled, gloated, goaded, grated, growled, grunted, guessed, gushed, harangued, hissed, howled, hollered, huffed, hurled back, insisted, insulted, importuned, implied, informed, injected, inquired, interrupted, intoned, interrogated, interpreted, interrupted, joked, jumped in, justified, kidded, laughed, lectured, lied, mentioned, mocked, mumbled, murmured, muttered, nagged, narrated, nted, noticed, objected, offered, opined, ordered, opined, outlined, paraphrased, placated, pointed out, pondered, pontificated, pouted, praised, predicted, preened, presented, proclaimed, proffered, presented, projected, promised, pronounced, proposed, provided, purred, pursued, put forth, queried, questioned, quipped, quoted, raged, rambled, rationalized, raved, read, recalled, recounted, reiterated, repeated, related, remarked, replied, reported, restated, responded, retorted, reviewed, rhymed, ribbed, riddled, riposted, rolled onward, rumbled, sang, scolded, screamed, screeched, shared, sighed, shouted, simpered, simplified, snapped, sneered, sniffled, sniped, snitched, snorted, sobbed, scolded, soothed, snapped, spewed, spoke, sputtered, squacked, squeaked, stammered,started, stated, stressed, stuttered, submitted, suggested, supplied, swore, taunted, teased, temporized, threatened, thought, thundered, toasted, told, translated, trumpeted, twittered, uttered, vented, verbalized, verified, vocalized, volunteered, vowed, warbled, warned, wept, wheedled, wheezed, whimpered, whined, whispered, wondered, yapped, yawned, yelled, yelped, zinged.


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