Dating A Chance by Natalia Vereshchagina

Quirky, Innovative

Dating A Chance by Natalia Vereshchagina, 232 Pages, Natalia Vereshchagina, 1st Edition, June 9th 2016, Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Suspense. Warning: May Contain Spoilers.

by Leigh Holland

Dating A Chance is a compelling, quirky murder mystery unlike any I have ever read. Its author presents an original spin on the murder mystery genre. This book explores deeper ideas such as God, the nature of the universe, fate, choice, luck, and the human cycle within the context of the puzzle being solved.

J-L, a top rated physicist working in a CERN-esque environment, has been working on his theory that particles can be manipulated at the quantum level in order to attract positive events and people into one’s life, if one but knows how. His theory is basically “the Secret” for scientists. J-L is excited as he believes he has successfully cracked the code for mankind to finally be able to draw positivity into their individual lives. Then killer bees attack him and there goes that prospect.

J-L is survived by his shrew of a wife Sylvia and his pregnant girlfriend/secretary Irene. Sylvia wants Irene out of the cottage Irene shared with J-L, but Irene believes she has rights to it as she is going to be the mother of J-L’s child. J-L’s physicist co-workers Andy, William, and Steve come by to check on Irene. When William and Steve come by after work, they discover Irene’s deceased body, apparently a victim of accidental self-poisoning. As the corpses begin to pile up, William and Steve, both obsessed men of science, must work to discover the truth. Are people being murdered and the deaths being made to appear as accidents? Or did J-L unlock the ultimate secret, only to unleash a curse that skips to those he knew in life? Are they next on the list?

I loved the idea behind this book. It’s fresh and unique. The plot was intriguing. The characters came across as educated, proper gentlemen physicists, as obsessed with solving the puzzling deaths as they were with unlocking secrets of the universe. The author’s voice is unique. While sentence constructions were at times lengthy, I often enjoyed the manner in which Vereshchagina put words together. However, I felt that this book could have benefited from further editing. If you like unconventional, innovative angles on murder mysteries, you’ll probably enjoy Dating A Chance.

It is available at Amazon at Dating A Chance by Natalia Vereshchagina .


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