Thirty-Five Fluffy Filler Words To Strike Through In Your First Draft

Thirty-Five Fluffy Filler Words To Strike Through In Your First Draft

By Leigh Holland

Currently, Margot really loved stuff like emeralds. You know, um, Margot literally grew up poor. Maybe little things like emeralds helped her feel secure in life. She simply couldn’t survive without the Jade Empress, the Queen of All Emeralds, the emerald she’d kill for. Margot had stolen it the first time on a night like this. Actually, it was quite a very rainy night, so it wasn’t just the same, but it was pitch black and the air felt as heavy. Her phone indicated she got a text. It was from her idiotic pool-boy-turned-boyfriend, Phil. Sighing, she read it.

“I can’t believe you let Jackson steal the emerald! How will you get it back? You know if you don’t get it back it’ll suck the life out of you and transfer it to Jackson.”



You see, Margot knew that a lot. Jackson had toyed with her heart and deceived her more than a bit. She’d thought she was falling in love. Well, what was left to do now but get back her emerald before she turned into a seriously withered old hag at the age of 38? I think that Margot feels relatively screwed over.

Possibly Jackson could be in the shower. After all, the sound of water was emanating from behind the door down the hall. Margot snuck past that door in order to get to his bedroom, reasoning Jackson wouldn’t be showering here with the priceless gem. She was pretty close to the door when the water turned off. Entering rather quickly, Margot hid under the bed. She was kind of delighted to find the black, heart shaped velvet box that housed her emerald next to her.

So, now, how to escape the room with it? Basically, Margot had to be patient or cunning. Patience was never her virtue.

Hopping up from under the bed, Margot came face to face with a naked Jackson.

“Hi, sweetie, I just dropped by to tell you how much I miss you. Must run! Toodles!”

Margot felt she was very much clever as she raced away, knowing he wouldn’t be able to chase her down the street while nude. She was totally wrong.

“Woman, bring back my property! Help! Probably call the cops, somebody!” Jackson screamed at his confused and shocked neighbors.

Margot removed the emerald and placed it in her cleavage. She swiveled on one leg and tossed the box with all her might at her pursuer. It hit Jackson squarely between the eyes, causing him to stumble into oncoming traffic, where he met a fairly sudden and grisly end.

Writing Exercise: Write a brief scene using none of the bolded filler words above.



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