Words Ending in “LY” That Aren’t Adverbs

Words Ending in “LY” That Aren’t Adverbs


Ally Alley Anomaly Assembly Belly Bully Doily Dolly Family Gully Holly Jelly Lily Monopoly Panoply Rally Sally Underbelly

The Flies:

Butterfly Dragonfly Firefly Gadfly Mayfly Horsefly Blowfly Barfly


Apply Bully Comply Dally Imply Multiply Ply Rally Rely Reply Supply Tally


Annually Silly Bubbly Burly Chilly Comely Costly Courtly Cuddly Curtly Daily Dastardly Deadly Disorderly Early Friendly Frilly Ghastly Goodly Gravelly Grisly Heavenly Hilly Holy Homely Hourly Jolly Kindly Likely Lively Lovely Lonely Lowly Mannerly Measly Melancholy Oily Only Orderly Pearly Pebbly Leisurely Scaly Shapely Sickly Sly Smelly Spritely Squiggly Stately Surly Timely Ugly Weekly Wily Whirly Wobbly Wooly Worldly Wrinkly Yearly


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