30 Fabulous Words to Describe Someone’s Voice

30 Fabulous Words to Describe Someone’s Voice

Breathy With loud breathing noises
Brittle About to cry
Dead Showing no emotion
Appealing Speaker wants help, agreement, or approval
Gravelly Low and rough
Gruff Low and rough and a bit savage
Fruity Deep and strong in a pleasant way
Croaky Low voice that sounds like the speaker had a sore throat
Disembodied Speaker is not visible
Honeyed Sounds nice, don’t trust them
Hoarse Speaker sounds like he’s losing his voice
Guttural Deep and in the back of the throat
Husky Deep, hoarse, yet attractive
Monotonous Boring and unpleasant
Nasal Sounds like they’re speaking through the nose
Penetrating High or Loud- makes listener uncomfortable
Raucous Loud and rough
Silvery Clear, light, and pleasant
Rough Unpleasant and not soft
Shrill Loud, high, unpleasant
Grating Unpleasant and annoying
Smoky Sexy and mysterious
Taut Nervous or angry
Singsong Like musical notes
Plummy High Class British speaker, word shows dislike
Throaty Low, deep in the throat
Tight Nervous and annoyed
Tremulous Shaky, nervous
Wobbly Up and down, possibly scared or going to cry
Wheezy Speaks but sounds like hard to breathe

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