A Friend In Death (A Moonlight Bay Psychic Mystery) by K.J. Emrick and Kathryn De Winter

A Friend In Death (A Moonlight Bay Psychic Mystery) by K.J. Emrick and Kathryn De Winter, South Coast Publishing, 78 pages, June 4th 2017, Genre: Short Reads, Cozy Mystery. Warning: May Contain Spoilers.


Review by Leigh Holland.

A Friend In Death: A Short Read is a cozy mystery, the first in a six book series known as the Moonlight Bay Psychic Mystery series. I love the fact I can get through one of these over lunch. Couple that with my penchant for cozy mysteries and it’s a win-win for me. At the end of the kindle version, there’s an offer to sign up to the subscribe list for each author to receive one free book from each of them- a two book total that sweetens the deal for cozy lovers.

Miranda Wylder is a crime novelist and secret psychic living in Melbourne, Australia. She’s the popular author of “The Mob’s Calling” and the upcoming “Dance With The Devil”. She experiences strange, unbidden visions and can speak with the dead, two traits that she keeps hidden for fear others won’t understand. She has a vision of a man in the backyard, in a fetal position, dead. Disturbed, she feels the man is familiar, but can’t place him. Miranda makes a mean rack of lamb, loves watering her garden, misses her hometown of Moonlight Bay, and is a devoted friend to Kyle.

Kyle is a food reviewer at The Metropolitan Post newspaper. As a critic, he has his fair share of enemies. He’s broken up with his boyfriend Markus and recently received hate emails over a review he gave at a restaurant, The Coffee Ambience. Miranda comforts Kyle. She heads out to do a book signing at The Coffee Ambience. Towards the end of the book signing, police approach her and take her downtown for questioning. Her best friend Kyle has been found in her backyard, like the man in her disturbing vision. Miranda has no time to mourn her loss, for Kyle returns to aid her in solving the crime. Can Miranda convince the detective of her innocence and psychic abilities? Can she and Kyle solve the crime?

A short and entertaining read, I lapped up A Friend In Death and was anxious for more. Luckily, the entire series is available, both individually and as a set. I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries.

You can find this book at A Friend In Death .

Other books in the series can be found at:

Death On The Rocks

Feature Presentation: Death

Manor of Death

Death By Chocolate Cake

A-Maze-Ing Death

Book Description:

Introducing Miranda Wylder… A Psychic/Medium and Crime Novelist who inadvertently gets tangled up in Murder!

From the author of the Darcy Sweet Mystery Series.

Miranda Wylder is on her way up. Life is good for the Psychic/Medium Crime Novelist with one successful novel already and a second on its way up the charts.

But then her best friend, Kyle Hunter, is murdered right in her own backyard and the detective in charge of the investigation seems determined to put her in the frame.

She has to convince the police of her innocence so she must use her intuition and deduction, along with help from Kyle’s ghost, to discover the truth behind the murder and to see the true Killer behind bars.

In this Psychic Mystery, can Miranda overcome this terrible truth to see justice done?

Author Biography:

Strongly influenced by authors like James Patterson, Dick Francis, and Nora Roberts, Kathrine Emrick dreamed of being an author for the majority of her life.

She never quite gave up on the idea of being a published author and at the age of 51, thanks to Amazon and their Kindle platform, she finally realized her dream. Her maturity allows her to bring a variety of experiences and observations to her writing.

She lives in beautiful South Australia with her family including several cats and dogs. Kathrine can always be found jotting down daily notes in a journal and like many authors, she loves to be surrounded by books and is a voracious reader.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering at the local library. Her goal is to regularly produce entertaining and noteworthy content and engaging in a community of readers and writers.

To find out more please visit the author’s website at www.kathrineemrick.com.


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