Blogger Recognition Award

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Blogger Recognition Award

Today I was nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award. It’s not an official award- it’s a way for bloggers to recognize other bloggers for their contributions to the community. That’s something I can get behind!

Who Nominated Me?

The blogger who nominated me was Dangerously Ambitious. Her blog, “The Silent Journey of Being Beautifully Misunderstood”, is a voice of hope emanating to a multitude, letting others who may be suffering know they’re not alone. Her writing is based on real life experiences. She’s honest, real. Here’s a quick sample from Broken Happy Ever After:

“I was waiting patiently for affection for about a year now. I asked for it so many times after awhile it felt like I was begging for it. I wanted him to show me he loved me. Maybe he didn’t mean it or he just didn’t know how. To think that one day he will. Exactly the way I wanted him to, and when that day comes I can stop crying myself to sleep. I can stop wishing that I was beautiful…”

I remember feeling that way in my early dating life. Girls are fed fairy tales in which the handsome, perfect prince rides in and whisks us away to our happily ever after. We never have to tell him what we want or need because he just knows. And if he doesn’t give us the love we need, we try to figure out why it’s not going the way every fairy tale we were told says it’s supposed to go. So we wait. And in the end, hopefully we learn the important lessons of dating and relationships. It’s not at all like the fairy tales. But that doesn’t mean love won’t happen one day for us. And we are beautiful and worthy of love, even if we’re not princesses.

My Advice For Bloggers

Do what you love. Write about things you care about. Someone else out there cares about those things too. Follow other bloggers. Never stop learning.

Why I Started My Blog

My blog is a way to promote books I enjoy and their authors, a platform for my own projects, a place to share my own interests with others, and a way to share writing tips and prompts with new writers. The next Stephen King, JK Rowling, or Michael Crichton is out there. It would be tragic if he or she stopped writing. I want writers and bloggers to feel confident about what they’re doing.

My Nominees for this Award



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