Interview with L. J. Higgins, author of “Dawn of the Dreamer”

Today I’m very excited to welcome L. J. Higgins, author of “Dawn of the Dreamer” to my blog. Thanks for the interview!

Thanks for having me Leigh.

 Leigh: Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a wife and mother of two who lives in Queensland, Australia. I’ve always had a keen interest in the way the human mind works, and love learning about different conspiracy theories. A lot of it leaks into my science fiction stories. I also, drink too much green tea, enjoy painting, love documentaries, dance hip hop and contemporary once a week, as well as practice yoga when I can.

Leigh: How did publishing “Dawn of the Dreamer” change your writing process? Was this your first novel?

Dawn of the Dreamer was my debut novel and since I first released it in 2015 the way I plan and write my books has changed quite a bit. I made many mistakes with Dawn of the Dreamer, and took some bad advice, but continued on to self-publish six books before signing with my current publisher. When I first wrote Dawn of the Dreamer I was a pantser through and through. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to happen and where I wanted to end up but let the characters take me there. Now I will map out a story in bullet points to help me stay on track. This also seems to help if I’m every experiencing what I call a ‘word drought,’ and I seem to write my books much faster. I also keep a spreadsheet of my characters, their attributes, relationships etc, to stay consistent.

Leigh: What was the hardest scene to write?

Some of the dream scenes were hard to write in the sense I wanted what Amelia was dreaming to reflect the story, as well as being accurate dream interpretations. I wrote every dream scene by writing down key words or feelings, searching through a dream dictionary to find signs or types of dreams that matched, then wrote the dream sequence. It wasn’t as hard as it was time consuming, but I did enjoy learning more about dream interpretation.

Leigh: Where did your idea for the trilogy come from?

A friend gave me a notebook as a gift and inside she put a post-it note saying she couldn’t wait to read my future novel one day. That night, I experienced one of my usual vivid dreams and woke up with the basic idea for Dawn of the Dreamer. My imagination just took it from there. Originally it was going to be a stand-alone story, but I soon realized I had two more books I needed to write to complete Amelia’s story.

Leigh: I understand the entire trilogy is now available. What do readers have to look forward to in the next two books?

Amelia and her friends are settling into their new lives after the events of Dawn of the Dreamer, but soon discover a new threat is brewing. The Cambiar Virus is spreading fast and people are dying. Amelia’s relationships are tested as she fights to learn the truth behind the virus and for those who are unaware of the danger they’re in. You’ll learn a lot more about Amelia’s friends and meet new interesting characters in the final two books, Fall of the Dreamer, and Rise of the Dreamer.

Leigh: Do you feel our increasing reliance on invasive technology is leading us into murky territory?

Technology develops so fast it’s hard for people to stay on top of what’s happening and ensure the technology is safe and can only be used for its intended purpose. Technology has its place, but I really do believe as a society we should be healthy skeptics and question if we really do need technologies such as microchips. As humans it’s natural for us to want to discover new things and create things we never imagined were possible, but there has to be a point where we sit back and take stock of whether or not it’s going to ultimately benefit or destroy mankind.

 Leigh: What other books have you written?

As well as the last two books in the Dreamer Trilogy, Fall of the Dreamer and Rise of the Dreamer, I’ve also written a stand-alone young adult contemporary novel, On Delicate Wings, and have also started a new series called Secrets of Aurora. The first book of the series, Utopia, was released earlier this year and book two, Eden is currently with my publisher.

Leigh: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve been writing short stories and novella’s since I was twelve, and have continued writing on and off over the years. I decided I wanted to finally sit down to write and publish a full novel in 2014. With a baby girl at home and my son at kindergarten, I felt like I’d lost myself in being a mum and writing gave me something that was just for me. Writing Dawn of the Dreamer reignited my passion for writing and now I write almost every day.

Leigh: What are you working on currently?

I’m currently writing book three of the Secrets of Aurora series. I’m also mapping out the fourth and final book, and have started research for another young adult, contemporary stand-alone.

Leigh: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Learn to take constructive criticism with a smile and use it to help you hone your craft. The beauty of being a writer is your work will grow with you, and change as you change. That’s what makes your stories unique.

Leigh: How can readers discover more about you and your work?






Amazon Author Page:

Dawn of the Dreamer:

Fall of the Dreamer:

Rise of the Dreamer:

On Delicate Wings:

Utopia: Secrets of Aurora:


Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview.

L. J. Higgins’ Biography:

L J Higgins writes fiction with an intriguing twist. Stories that remind you to open your eyes, minds and hearts. Hailing from Queensland, Australia, she is a wife, and stay at home mother of two young children.

Always intrigued by dystopian worlds, the advances in technology, and what those might mean for the future of the human race, L J Higgins enjoys creating stories that explore these ideas. She is also passionate about helping teens through some of the battles they face as they go through high school, and writes stories to empower them, while showing them how their choices can affect the lives of themselves and others.

Some of her favourite things are: Green Tea, Family, Writing, Painting, Drawing, The Beach, Summer and Honesty.

Some of her favourite books are: Harry Potter Series, The Hunger Games Series, The Wool Trilogy, His Dark Materials, (There are too many to list them all!)

Find “Dawn of the Dreamer” at Dawn of the Dreamer .


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