The Brain Loses The Game by Thomas Marchante

The Brain Loses The Game by Thomas Marchante, 185 pages, String Publishing, June 6th 2017, Genre: Mystery/Private Investigators/Women Sleuths. Warning: May Contain Spoilers.

Review by Leigh Holland.

Charlotte “Charlie” Handler is a “body chaser” and former scientist working out of the back of a beat-up van who needs all the private eye work she can get. Charlie believes brawn is highly overrated and all you need in this game is a good brain. After meeting with Ruth Andover, an attorney, Charlie is on the job, seeking a missing witness in the corporate espionage case against Reilly Sinrad. As Charlie soon learns, finding a witness like “Mack” McKilvore is quite different from finding a bail jumper.

Naturally, she digs around in his credit cards and accounts, looking for clues as to where he may have gone. Next, she assumes aliases and humorously converses with his wife and others in Mack’s life. Charlie pulls out all the stops to try to find the missing witness before the trial. Will she succeed?

Charlie talks to herself a lot. But then again, who doesn’t? I know I’m always conversing with myself inside my own head. Come to think of it, who is that person in there answering me, arguing with me- oh, it’s me. I found that charming about Charlie. The conversations inside her mind are interesting and a bit insane; and at times humorous and inappropriate. Her primary flaw is her worship of the brain, believing it the superior key to solving all dilemmas. She learns there’s at least one dilemma she can’t solve with her keen mind.

I had fun reading The Brain Loses The Game and look forward to hopefully seeing Charlie in another adventurous mystery. If you enjoy humorous women sleuths, you’ll enjoy The Brain Loses The Game.

You can find this book at The Brain Loses The Game .

Book Description:

Once a scientist, always a scientist.

Private eye Charlie Handler used to be a scientist, and she hasn’t stopped using her brain. She prefers leaving the footwork to lesser PI minds. What’s the big deal about brawn anyway? Think through the possibilities, pick the likeliest one, use e-skills to fill in the details, case closed. She was doing so well at it, she thought she could predict any human behavior. She was wrong.

Then a witness goes missing.

Was he killed? Kidnapped? Did he run? Charlie Handler is hired to find out. She’s used to run-of-the mill searches, run a name through Lexis, put up a camera, target found. But she soon gets clued in that there’s something seriously weird about this case. The witness’s yipping socialite wife follows in disappearing without a trace, corporate flunkies act stranger than usual, thugs start following her, and her client has to be locked up in the loonie bin for his own safety. Chessmaster logic always helped her think through every step she took, but now it leaves her stranded at every turn by curious human behavior. How far down the rabbit hole will Charlie go?

Author Biography:

Tommy Marchante lives in the imagination of the author with a wife and several children. He is thought to live in Brooklyn, but may reside at the intersection of surf and serf. He writes to honor Sara Paretsky, Robert Parker, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. He does not have any cats. Shame on him.

You can visit him on Twitter @tommymarchante and on Facebook @tommymarchante.


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