Southwest on the A303 by Adam Gary

Southwest on the A303 by Adam Gary, 92 pages, July 21st 2017, Genre: Coming of Age. Warning: May Contain Spoilers.

Review by Leigh Holland.

Alex is a young adult residing with his parents in England. He’s always been one to play by the rules, avoid trouble, and disavow unpleasant or undignified situations. Throughout his young life, he developed a close relationship with his maternal uncle, Bill. Uncle Bill was the opposite of Alex- in Bill’s youth, he lived wild, carefree, with spontaneity and wanderlust. Their relationship was meaningful to both of them. One day, his Uncle Bill died. Alex is somber and sulky, as most folks are during grief. However, Uncle Bill left behind some very specific instructions in his will. Alex is to take the two weeks leading up to Uncle Bill’s funeral and experience life the way Bill lived it- with spontaneity and a carefree attitude.

I choked up and teared up a bit at one point- shortly after Bill’s death. It struck a chord with me, that sense of loss and sadness. For this reader, that made the journey that Alex takes through the rest of the book more meaningful. The road trip, and everything Alex does and learns from it, is his way of honoring his Uncle Bill’s life. Uncle Bill leaves behind sticky notes for Alex to find at certain junctures. Bill was still mentoring, providing for, and caring for Alex even after his own death.

There was a question I was left with towards the end, but as I don’t want to give away too much, suffice it to say there was something that struck me as unrealistic. However, overall, I enjoyed this coming of age tale about a young man learning that life isn’t always safe and sometimes that’s the best thing about it.

This book can be found at Southwest On The A303.

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Book Description:

Arguably one of England’s most cherished and notorious roads, the A303 is filled with history, wonder, and magic. Adam takes us on a journey of adventure, self discovery, and touching family bonds in this moving coming of age tale.

Alex is a young man in his early twenties who has fallen into a miserable state of mind, losing his motivation and love for life. When he receives the heartbreaking news that his beloved uncle has passed away, leaving Alex with all of his belongings – including his renowned VW Campervan – he sets out to Cornwall for the funeral, rediscovering his love for life along the way.

Readers feeling like they’ve lost the spark of life will immediately relate to Adam’s tale, and find inspiration to go out and seek adventure wherever possible.

Southwest on the A303 is Adam Gary’s debut novella.

About the Author:

Adam Richard Charles Gary was born on May 5th 1992, and raised in London, England. He is the son of Yvonne Richards and Darryl Gary. Adam’s creative talents trace back to his mother – a dancer- and his great, great grand parents, a theatrical agent, and stage actress. Adam also shares his creative talents with a line of painters and writers on his father’s side.

Adam first realised his interest in acting at the age of 6, and has gone on to perform in many various productions, and worked on major Hollywood blockbuster film sets. Adam is now a member of The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, an exciting charity and theatre company that has nurtured some of the greatest British talent throughout the last sixty-one years.

Currently Adam is extremely busy with his writing. Working on the new television series, ‘Nerdians’ as well as a his debut novel, ‘The Adventures of Norgara and Lilithien’ to be released side by side with the series. His brand new novella, ‘Southwest on the A303’ is also due for release in May 2017.

Adam is also working on a new collection of poetry to raise awareness around depression, titled ‘;’ in association with The Jermyn Street Theatre in London, and another collection of poems, ‘Love Letters from the Heart and Soul’ which is due for release in Febuary, 2018.


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