Assiyah Rising (Part One) by T. H. Ansz

Assiyah Rising (Part One) A Novella, by T.H. Ansz, 122 pages, June 24th 2017, Genre: Science Fiction/Metaphysical. Warning: May Contain Spoilers.

Review by Leigh Holland.

Lt. Michael Grant is randomly chosen to be involved in the greatest revelation thus far granted to mankind: we are not alone. Michael works with Jennifer Smith, an attractive NSA agent, to bring in a bland, banal American civilian, Todd Miles, to meet the President. Everything is veiled in secrecy as it becomes apparent to Mike that the President doesn’t trust everyone in the chain of command. The message is revealed: We are not alone, aliens have been observing humanity for some time now, and they have an even more important message to deliver to the world leaders at a UN summit at a scheduled time and date. Mike’s superior orders him to put together a team to determine if the aliens are friend or foe, and what weaknesses they may have in the event they’re hostile.

I enjoyed that the aliens understood the sad but true state of human nature. They knew that the only way we’d ever stop destroying each other and work together to make the world safer and better is if we’re unified against a common foe. Without a common foe, we devolve into national, religious, and political tribes hellbent on destroying each other politically or literally (or both). If we cannot subdue this violent aspect of our nature, will we eventually destroy our own species? Our own planet? The theme is the central focus of this story.

In one scene, the President thanks Mike for making an outburst earlier in the scene, however it was the general that made the outburst while Mike passively observed. This confused me. Other than that, the novella flowed along well in a straightforward, third person style. As this was a shorter work introducing the reader to the beginning of a larger story, the characters are in the early stages of development and self-revelation. The primary viewpoint, and most defined, character was Mike.

Ansz’s Assiyah Rising was an entertaining, relatively quick read. It’s a promising start to the series and I’m interested to see where the author takes the story and characters.

You can find it at Assiyah Rising (Part One).

Book Description:

Assiyah (ah-see-YAH): Noun. The physical world we currently live in. A world of action. The fourth and lowest realm of existence. A place where the Creator hides from its creation. (Kabbalah)

A young Army intelligence officer, an NSA agent, a physicist, a DARPA biologist, and an unassuming man from the Midwest are swept into a powerful current of events cloaked in secrecy and driven from the very top of political power. They soon discover an intelligence that has descended upon the Earth, forcing humanity to reconsider their position in the world and in the cosmos itself.


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