Books I’d LOVE To Read If I Could Just Find The Time (September 16, 2017)

WildWorldWild World by Peter S. Rush is a mystery set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and protest era of the 1970’s. WILD WORLD is a gripping novel of power, corruption, injustice, courage, and hope—and one tenacious young man whose determination to overturn the system holds unexpected consequences for his own life. In the spring of 1970, Steve Logan, like thousands of other college students across America, takes to the streets to protest authority and the Vietnam War. Fueled by a strong sense of moral justice, he wants to make the world better—a belief his girlfriend Roxy, a medical student, passionately shares. Weeks before his graduation from Brown University, Steve’s life is upended when National Guard troops kill four students at Kent State University. Then, he meets a reform-minded cop from New York City who convinces Steve that to change the system, he has to get involved. Eager to make a difference, Steve decides to give up law school and join the Providence Police Department. While the rookie cop with an Ivy League degree knows that change is difficult, the reality of fighting the establishment soon overwhelms him. His education makes him an outsider, and his honesty makes him a threat to the corrupt cops who use the power of their badge to inflict brutality and extort. And the job is taking a toll at home. His college friends think he’s a traitor to the cause and even Roxy, the woman he loves, has begun to pull away. But Steve isn’t going to give up. Devising a dangerous plan to radically shake up the system, he begins to collect the evidence to take his enemies down . . . unless they take him out first. You can find this one at Wild World.


Ophiuchus Rising

Time-travelling secret agents, the greatest prison in the universe, and a quasi-mystical monster that lives in a black hole that could be the apocalypse to an entire Niven Ring full of people…

Not that Nightingale does that sort of thing any more. Certainly not. These days, he teaches a class in the mornings and spends the evening in quiet repose.

And Amy? Well, Amy is on vacation. On a date, in fact. A date that is very rapidly going badly, and it is entirely her fault.

So when the fate of an entire galaxy hangs in the balance, who better to call than a stodgy professor and a bad girlfriend? Faced with the inevitable, Nightingale and Amy are pulled back in to the world of Hoshido, Kael, and Kaaden – a secret organization of time-travelling busybodies dedicated to the preservation of history. Flung casually across time and space, with no weaponry or contacts, Nightingale and Amy have to infiltrate the prison, stare the Beast in the face, and make the ultimate decision. The stakes could not be higher, and they’re running out of the one thing that had always been on their side – time…OPHIUCHUS RISING is a thrilling 57,000 word sci-fi novel set in the Hoshido, Kael, and Kaaden (HKK) universe.

You can find this one at Ophiuchus Rising.



When 18-year-old Brianne James discovers a murdered young girl at Montgomery Park – a 15-year-old who has been left for dead in the icy snow – there is only one thing she can do: search for the killer.

Brianne has a nose for sleuthing. She can connect with people; even scary people. She has the smarts to solve even the most underhanded crime, and she can solve it with or without the help of the police or her parents.

When it comes to Conner Ryan, however, his unrelenting assistance is quite another story. When you’re in love with one of the hottest guys in school – who in the heck cares?

You can find this book at Tie Died.


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