Backyard Adventures: Mad Dog by Remmy Meggs

Backyard Adventures: Mad Dog by Remmy Meggs, 20 pages, RWP Books, September 4th 2017, Genre: Imagination and Play/Children.

Review by Leigh Holland.

Backyard Adventures: Mad Dog is the second book in the Backyard Adventures series. A short read, it can be completed in a solid thirty minute sitting. The series focuses on the world surrounding Lucas, an eight-year-old boy, and the loving and loyal pets that inhabit that world. While the first book, “The Dragon”, was more lighthearted, “Mad Dog” is a spooky ghost tale, a fortunate find for my reading list for the month of October.

Meggs expands Lucas’ world to include other families and events. In this installment, we meet Colin, a boy at Lucas’ school, and Colin’s faithful dog, Rusty. Rusty is a champion working dog, a loyal and trusted companion and friend to Colin. This work deals with more weighty issues than “The Dragon” did, with themes of justice for innocent victims, our very human need to see what we think would be the final wishes of those victims come to fruition, and our society’s inability in the 60’s to take drunk driving seriously. It was an engaging read, making me feel sad, angry, and yet hopeful; one I had to finish to see how it turned out. The ending also hints at further ghost involvement to come, which is great for me since I love ghost stories. I’m very interested to see where Meggs takes the next tale.

I’d recommend this book to anyone looking for a spooky short read. You can find it Mad Dog.

About the Author:

Remmy Meggs has written YA action-adventure novels and is working on others.

When Remmy’s dog, his best friend, was out playing, a truck’s bumper hit her in the head and killed her instantly. Remmy went out with a blanket and picked the dog up. Before he reached the house, he had a heart attack. The doctors said that, had it not been for his swimming and bike riding, he would have died.

Complications set in, Remmy’s blood circulation was not right, and they were going to amputate his legs. His legs were saved but he was wheelchair bound, never to walk more than a few feet again. It took three years of retraining, and technicians to even get him to do that.

At that point, Remmy sat in front of his computer for the first time in years for more than an hour. He stared at the screen, and almost gave up. He read a story on the internet about boys and said to himself, “That is bull! That is not what boys talk or act like,” that’s when Remmy began to write.

He spends his time writing, playing a few online games with friends and movies he can get, and listens to music. Remmy sleeps about twelve hours on and off each day. We hope you enjoy his work as much as we do.

~Remmy’s friends and fans


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