The Fate Healer by Noel Coughlan

The Fate Healer by Noel Coughlan, 26 pages, Photocosmological Press, March 30th, 2016, Genre: Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery/Short Reads. Warning: May Contain Spoilers.

Review by Leigh Holland.

“The Fate Healer” is a short, entertaining fantasy read. We meet the personal genealogist to the tyrannical King Hamvek, a man named Draston. Anyone who displeases King Hamvek in the slightest ends up dead, or worse, so Draston knows he better do whatever it takes to deliver Hamvek’s royal lineage. There’s just one tiny little problem- Hamvek comes from pig farmers, not a trace of noble blood anywhere.

Realizing he can’t very well tell the king the truth, Draston does the unthinkable: he alters and forges genealogical documents. These documents prove the king is descended from one of the gods. Draston believes his fortunes are made and he’s off the hook. However, as curses begin befalling the king and his sons, Draston is charged with finding a solution to the problems plaguing the king’s household. Will Draston succeed without his forgery being revealed? Or will he perish as have so many others who angered the king?

Although it is a short read, I felt the characters were true to form. I enjoyed watching the cowardly but kind Draston squirm, the machinations of the “Fate Healer” reach fruition, and the ultimate fate of the king. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a short Fantasy read.

You can find this at The Fate Healer.

Book Description:

A five thousand word short story where the quill proves to be more dangerous than any sword.

The genealogist Draston is charged with the impossible. His master, Hamvok the Merciful, craves a royal ancestor or two to legitimize his tyranny. But every avenue of Draston’s research comes to a dead end. Nobility has never sneezed on Hamvok’s ancestors, much less married into them. And now Draston’s time has run out.

To save himself from Hamvok’s violent displeasure, Draston promises to prove the tyrant is descended from a god. In doing so, he commits himself to a path of forgery and sacrilege. His enterprise will risk the wrath of gods. But, far worse, it will draw him to a shadowy figure more terrible than all the gods combined, the Fate Healer.

About the Author, From the Author:

My name is Noel Coughlan. I am married and have a daughter. I live in the west of Ireland.

From a young age, I was always writing a book. Generally, the first page over and over. Sometimes, I even reached the second page before I had shredded the entire copy book.

In my teenage years, I wrote some poetry, some of which would make a Vogon blush.

When I was fourteen, I had a dream. It was of a world where the inhabitants believed that each hue of light was a separate god, and that matter was simply another form of light.

I tinkered with the idea for a couple of decades, putting together mythologies, histories, maps etc. but world building isn’t worth much without a gripping story.

And then I finally found one, a tale so compelling I had to write it.

The Golden Rule Duology consists of A Bright Power Rising and The Unconquered Sun.


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