Frequently Asked Questions for Authors

Do you charge for book reviews?

No, I consider that to be against my code of ethics (The Holland Code). At most, I may request that you email me a PDF or MOBI file of your book. You may also check out my statement under my FTC Disclosure.

How do you find books to review?

  1. I’m listed with The Indie Book Review List. I will accept one request per week starting September 1st, 2017.
  2. I also use social media to find new and interesting books to read.

How many books do you review per week?

I read more books than I actually review. I review at least one book weekly. If I get too many submissions for book reviews, I can, of course, only read and review so much in a short span of time.

What types of books do you review?

As of September 1st, 2017, I accept fiction in the following genres:


Psychological Thriller

Science Fiction



Where do you post reviews?

I post to my blog, my Twitter, my Google +, Amazon, and Goodreads. My PA also adds posts to my Facebook page at Leigh Holland’s Facebook Page.  I add screenshots of my reviews and interviews to my Instagram and Pinterest as well.

Do you post negative reviews?

If I can’t honestly rate the book between 3 to 5 stars, I don’t publish my review. My blog is about books I enjoyed reading, not books that need more fine tuning first.

If you don’t get paid, what are you getting out of this?

  1. I get the joy of being transported for a little while to a world you created for me. Thank you!
  2. Even if I didn’t love this book, it doesn’t mean I won’t love your next one. If my feedback can help an author’s process in some way, I feel good about that.
  3. A meaningful professional relationship. I keep up with my featured authors and do what I can to help promote their best works. I support Indie authors. My reputation as a trusted member of the literary community is important to me.

Are you listed on any reviewer sites?

Yes, I’m listed at The Indie Book Reviewers List.