Frequently Asked Questions for Authors

Do you charge for book reviews?

No, I consider that to be against my code of ethics (The Holland Code). At most, I may request that you email me a PDF or MOBI file of your book.

How do you find books to review?

I accept requests to read and review books. I also use social media to find new and interesting books to read. See my other pages for further information.

How many books do you review per week?

I read more books than I actually review. I review at least one book weekly. If I get too many submissions for book reviews, I can, of course, only read and review so much in a short span of time.

What types of books do you review?

It’s easier to say what I don’t review. I don’t review children’s books, manga, graphic novels, erotica, or pornography. I’m just not that into those genres. I am not currently reviewing poetry collections or non-fiction books.

My preferred genres include psychological thrillers, hard-boiled mysteries, dystopian, paranormal/occult/supernatural, science fiction, fantasy, and historical romance.

Where do you post reviews?

I post to my blog, my Twitter, my Google +, Amazon, and Goodreads. My PA also adds posts to my Facebook page at Leigh Holland’s Facebook Page.  I add screenshots of my reviews and interviews to my Instagram and Pinterest as well.

Do you post negative reviews?

If I can’t honestly rate the book between 3 to 5 stars, I don’t publish my review. My blog is about books I enjoyed reading, not books that need more fine tuning first. If you requested the review and included in that request that I reply with feedback if the review would have been less than 3 stars, I will send you my honest feedback.

If you don’t get paid, what are you getting out of this?

  1. I get the joy of being transported for a little while to a world you created for me. Thank you!
  2. Even if I didn’t love this book, it doesn’t mean I won’t love your next one. If my feedback can help an author’s process in some way, I feel good about that.
  3. A meaningful professional relationship. I keep up with my featured authors and do what I can to help promote their best works. I support Indie authors. My reputation as a trusted member of the literary community is important to me.

Are you listed on any reviewer sites?

Yes, I’m listed at The Indie Book Reviewers List.