Predictable Violence by Gillean Campbell

Predictable Violence cover

Predictable Violence by Gillean Campbell, 324 pages, July 24th, 2017, Genre: Psychological Thriller/Mystery.

Review by Leigh Holland.

Predictable Violence weaves two tales together. The two tales are told in alternating chapters. One is the modern day mystery surrounding the murder of three people in their own home. The other is the backstory several years earlier of the main character, Mackenzie “Mack” Anderson. I very much enjoyed the style in which the two stories were presented and how they melded into one. The pacing worked well.

As a young college student, Mack lost her husband and small child in a convenience store shooting. These traumatic events are what shaped her. They’re what drives her to seek justice for those harmed by violence. Now, Mack is a detective, stepping in when murder occurs in a small town where the officers are unaccustomed to how to handle it. Mack is a well-developed character, likable, relatable, particularly if the reader is a wife and mother. I cared about her, what she endured, and what she would have to face. The other characters serve their purpose in the story but aren’t nearly as well-developed.

I’m not sure if it’s simply because I read a lot of mysteries, but I suspected who did it very early on and as the novel progressed, it turned out my suspicions were correct. The story provides several twists and turns to keep the reader interested regardless. There were several proofreading mistakes in the Kindle edition, such as sentences that lacked ending punctuation and a couple of misspelled words.

Overall, it was an entertaining read. Campbell has produced an engaging debut thriller novel.

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Book Description:

The plot of Predictable Violence is intelligent and full of twists, with a reveal of whodunit that will shock. If you love gripping detective thrillers with a jaw-dropping ending, this book is a must for you!

Mackenzie Anderson’s husband and two-year old daughter were shot and killed when Mack was only nineteen years old. When the police stopped trying to find the murderer, Mack began working with a private investigator. But, the murderer was a ghost. Mack had no way of knowing then that in a fluke of life she would come face-to-face with the murderer six years later. Now, she must decide if she will risk everything for vengeance.

As a homicide detective with the Idaho State Police, Mack lives her life being a champion for the dead. When she’s called in to lead the investigation of a triple homicide with no physical evidence and a nine-year old witness, the case seems impossible. Who could carry out such brutality? And why?

The debut novel from Gillean Campbell, Predictable Violence, is a new addition to the great police procedural tradition of Robert Bryndza, Robert Dugoni, Patricia Gibney, and Angela Marsons.

About the Author:

Gillean’s mysteries feature strong females, chilling perpetrators, psychological twists, and a little bit of romance.

Even as a small child Gillean was a storyteller. In grade school, classmates would follow her around the school yard as she role played a new story that had come to her. When Gillean’s children were grown and she retired, stories started coming unbidden to her. Her problem now is that she can’t get the characters to go to sleep at night.

Gillean was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She worked for the military for twenty-five years, while raising two children as a single mother. After retiring, Gillean moved back to Santa Fe where she lives with her four-legged best friend. When not writing mysteries, Gillean is reading them. She also enjoys fly fishing and camping in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado.