Deamhan (Deamhan Chronicles Book 1) by Isaiyan Morrison

Deamhan (Deamhan Chronicles Book 1) by Isaiyan Morrison, 287 pages, 2nd Edition, May 9th 2015, Genre: Metaphysical/Occult. Warning: May Contain Spoilers.

Review by Leigh Holland.

Meet Veronica Austin. She’s the daughter of Darth Vader the President of the Midwest Division of a fanatical organization with super shady intentions towards mortals, vampires, and Deamhan alike. They’re known as The Brotherhood. Her mother, Caroline, went missing when Veronica was a small child. Veronica is searching for clues to what happened to her mother. Her quest flies in the face of what her father wants and embroils her in the dangerous world of supernatural beings who both admire her resolve and bravery, and want to eat her.

Veronica’s father loves power and prestige more than anything. I’m fairly certain he’d do anything, sacrifice anyone, to maintain his power in the order. I never got the sense that his daughter was more than a thorn in his side to him, a thorn that’s in a place where pulling it out will hurt more than just leaving it alone. It’s commonly believed he murdered Caroline. He never shows any sign of mourning or regret. What he is good at doing is sending the worst possible choice to try to stop his daughter from finding out the truth about her mother’s fate, i.e. “Sean” the guy who secretly carries a torch for Veronica and is known for breaking the rules of the Brotherhood regardless of personal consequences. Naturally, Sean helps her find the truth and he abandons the Brotherhood. Sean is loyal to Veronica, even taking on a job pretending to be her dad’s spy while secretly plotting to help her instead. Sean’s a good friend and hopes to become something more to her.

I admired Veronica’s tenacity and determination. Her dedication to finding the truth about her mother was a shining beacon she clung to like a ship lost on the tempest-tossed sea. She possessed the bravery-almost-stupidity that I like in a mortal hero who’s surrounded by human-eating, powerful supernatural critters. Veronica isn’t foolish enough to not be afraid of them. She is afraid of them. She knows fear won’t do her any good and acts in ways she feels will aid her in her quest.

I was confused about why Veronica felt researching the burnings of sanctuaries would yield information about her mother, as this was never explained and it didn’t lead her in the right direction. Other than that, the plot was well-paced and intriguing. Overall, the plot was engaging and kept me turning the pages.

If you’re looking for an original spin on the ancient myth of vampires featuring a relatable and strong female protagonist, Deamhan is the book for you!

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Book Description:

Deamhan have survived by remaining hidden in the shadows. Ramanga, Lamia, Metusba, and Lugat have been overshadowed by what humans know as the modern vampire. But what if vampires aren’t the real threat?

One woman’s search for her mother who disappeared without a trace on the streets of Minneapolis takes her into the precarious world of Deamhan, psychic vampires who rule the underground nightlife in the city’s most darkest corners.

She gains the trust of the only other human familiar with the Deamhan lifestyle. With his help she finds not only can the Deamhan not be trusted but it s her own father, president of a ruthless organization of researchers, who has diabolically maintained that distrust.

About the Author:

A veteran of the Armed Forces, Isaiyan Morrison was born and raised in Minneapolis.

Her passions include writing, reading, and researching historical events.

She also spends her time gardening, playing video games, and hanging out with her three cats and beloved pitt bull.

She’s the author of The Deamhan Chronicles and the novel, Old Farmer’s Road.

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