The Holland Code

My Code of Ethics:

  1. I do not accept monetary payment for my book reviews.
  2. My reviews are honest and sincere. I won’t promote a book that I didn’t enjoy reading. That being said, readers may not always share my tastes.
  3. I won’t publish a negative review. I define a negative review as resulting in less than 3 stars on a 5 star rating scale.
  4. While not averse to reading and reviewing books picked up by professional publishing houses, I prefer to focus more on independent authors.
  5. I utilize The Holland System when determining how to rate books on Amazon and Goodreads using the star system. This tool is what I use to ensure I am evaluating a work as fairly as I can. As Amazon and Goodreads do not presently give the ability to issue half-stars, my star rating will be rounded to the nearest score. This means a 3.5 star book and a 4.4 star book are both given 4 stars.